Myers Brigg Employee Assessments and Training Programs

   The Myers Brigg Type Indicator provides a framework for understanding individual differences.  It can support many functions in an organization.   It can help with the managing of others, development of leadership skills, team building, conflict resolution and motivation.

How Does Myers Brigg work?

When you understand your type preference you can approach your own work in a way the best suits your style, which can include how you manage your time, problem solving, best approaches for decision making and dealing with stress.  It can also allow you to look at others from a different perspective and by understanding their type preference it allows for a more unified and productive work environment. It can help organizations deal with the culture at the workplace, understanding your teams and coping with change. 

Myers Brigg Employee Training Workshops:   

  • Team Building Workshops
  • Leadership Training and Coaching Development 
  • Coaching Skills
  • Enhancing Personal Effectiveness 
  • Communication Skill Development     

Let FocusedHR help you in creating a positive and optimally balanced organizational culture by using Myers Brigg with 50 years of proven and effective results.